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These Three Things

I love the number three. Dramatically speaking, it’s a miracle worker. Three is the smallest number of elements you need to create (or break) a pattern. And your audience likes patterns, almost as much as they like it when a pattern they learn is broken. Three is a destabilising number, too....


Anticipation and Uncertainty

Wiliam Archer contemplates the meaning of anticip— “Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty” —UK dramatist, William Archer. (Don’t worry, I’d not heard of him either. A largely unsung Scottish drama critic, playwright and dramaturge of the late 19th/early 20th century. His big claim to...


Stop Reading. Stop Looking.

Look. A piece of Art. How amazing! Yeah, I’m keeping up with my artform. I liked it, click that thumbs-up icon. Click, it’s off my list. Next! Oh, come on! Really? Back it up. If you want to be a playwright, read scripts and go see plays performed. If you’re going to be a screenwriter, get...


But Where Do I even Start???

You’ve got a story. Oh, yeah! You think this is a good story, crying out for a good telling. You want to tell this remarkable story to the world, or at least tell your community or your circle of friends, or your daffy old Aunt Eustace. But where do you even start that project? You find yourself...


Writing Every Day

Full disclosure: I’m beginning this post with absolutely no idea of what I’m going to be writing about. This breaks the rules of blogging and I should be ashamed of myself! Apparently, all the best writers have writing schedules in which the author will slate a whole week or month of topics...


Welcome To Write Out Loud

You have good stories to tell, everyone does. But so often those great stories don't get told and that's a huge shame. Stories are life experiences, things that have happened to you, happened in your family and in your community. Without those stories being told, we stand to lose so much. So...